March 2, 2011

Sheridan and Buena, Uptown Chicago, 1936

From the IDOT collection.

Source: Illinois Department of Transportation Chicago Traffic photographs
Collection: IDOT Chicago Traffic Photographs (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago Library


Anonymous said...

If you blow up the bottom image, you can see the spires of Buena Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Buena Boy said...

Thank you for posting these as sets. It really is thrilling to take a look at our neighborhood at its most glorious. Check out the homes that originally sat just to the north of St Mary of the Lake!

Buena Boy said...

You can also just barely see a second home BEHIND the mansion that serves as the church's rectory. It's much smaller, and from an aerial photo, I was able to determine that it sat on the the parcel that the rectory's addition now covers.

Joanne said...

Thanks, Buena Boy. I hope to have the rest converted to high res in another day or so.

These pictures are the next best thing to a time machine. We can take a "walk" up Sheridan and get a perfect time capsule of Uptown in 1936-7.

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