March 2, 2011

Sheridan and Irving, 1936

From the IDOT collection. This series includes a rare pic of the Sheridan Theater. If you go to the IDOT site, you can zoom in on these images.


Source: Illinois Department of Transportation Chicago Traffic photographs
Collection: IDOT Chicago Traffic Photographs (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago Library


old guy said...

The third photo from the top shows the old Immaculata girls H.S. which
is located on the N.W. corner of Irving Park and Marine Drive so we would be looking west on Irving in the photo.
Oh ya, I love the colors of the Blog its easy to read. It does what its supposed to do. Its my favorite place to visit on the web and I am very thankful for all the the work you do here and also the UU.
Best Regards Al

bill Matteson said...

Second pix from the top
The old Sheridan Road Double Decker Bus
We used to love to ride them and the prime seating was on top above the driver, cost a nickle to ride The Chicago Motor Couch.

bill Matteson said...

Top pix
you can see a tower beyond the Sheridan to the North, this is the steeple top of St Marys of the Lake Catholic Church

Robert Hively-Johnson said...

I lived at 3955 Sheridan in 40s-50s. Graduated from SML grammar school 53...knew the guy who invented the Chicago Red Hot, as some of you might have as well, who had a small dog stand at Marine Dr and Irving, across from Immaculata HS, name of Manno...first to put celery salt and sprot peppers on hot dogs in 40s...little Mike Manno...and thanks for the pics...before my time, but what the hey? It was the core of Lakeview, wasn't it?

Robert Hively-Johnson said...

We lived above the tavern-Taboo and later Sip and Bottle...across from Sheridan Restaurant for a few years after the war. Grandmother owned Pritchard's Jewelers.


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