July 17, 2013

Photographer Bob Rehak's View of Uptown in the 1970s

I recently came across the website of photographer Bob Rehak, who took some wonderful images of people living in Uptown in the 1970s. He was kind enough to give us permission to share a few with our readers, so I'll be posting a couple more in the weeks to come. If you can't wait, you can go directly to his site now and see the dozens he already has up. He tells me that he has approximately FOUR THOUSAND images of Uptown from back then and plans to continue posting more, so be sure to bookmark his site: Chicago's Uptown Neighborhood in the mid-1970s

Latin Kings' Handshake © Robert Rehak
Bob's caption: "When members of the Latin Kings street gang met each other, they would extend their thumbs, index fingers and little fingers to form the points of a crown and then touch each other. This was their equivalent of a fraternity’s secret handshake."
Lotta Love © Robert Rehak
Bob's caption: It it weren’t for the fact that this young girl was wrapped around her father’s shoulders, I would have sworn that she had him wrapped around her little finger.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, I stumbled upon your photos by accident. I want to make a comment about the Midnight riders photo. The names were from kids in the neighborhood that help to paint a mural there. Some did not help, but got there names put there. We had instruction from the one doing most of the mural. I helped, but my name is not there. The day the names were painted, I was not there. My brothers , and sister helped also, and their names are were not there. I counted about 20 I know are deceased now. Kids, most under 15


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