May 3, 2011

Lawrence El Station with Newstand

Seriously, how did our current Lawrence El station come to replace this beauty?

The image is currently available for purchase on eBay


Anonymous said...

You can read the history of the Lawrence station here.

Scott said...

For a long time I rode the L every day through Lawrence station but never got on or off the train there. One day I had a coughing fit and decided to get off at Lawrence and look for some cough drops or a bottle of water, and I was amazed to find out it was open-air and constructed mainly of chain-link fencing. Not impressed!

bill Matteson said...

I we used to ride the El/subway as kids, just for something to do, it was 3 cents and we would ride all around the city and back again. downtown and under the river, we always stood up in the front car next to the motorman.
To the Left (east) of the El station was Marquis Lunch a Cafeteria of the day. to the right was Clifton Ave.
Time bracket was the Mid 1940's
I miss Uptown

meg said...

Bill - that's great to hear - please keep sharing your Uptown stories.

Unknown said...

I have an old photo of the tracks being constructed at Lawrence from a dusty leather-back railway journal.

I'll pass it on to you.

Right now the Lawrence station looks like a converted chicken can only get better.....Cheers.


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