April 25, 2011

Bird's Eye View of the Hotel Sovereign

Original postcard available here: Sovereign Hotel Chicago


historypak said...

I cherish the way you compose and share your corner! Exceptionally intriguing and distinctive! Keep it coming! The Hub

Susan said...

Very exciting post I just enjoyed entering in this lovely website. This is my first trip to this uptown history, Chicago. This felt an endless pleasant landing on this travel loving history world. Also the title of this post not less attention grabbing. Happy to learn about Hotel Sovereign though I knew about about reputation of the lovely place a bit before. I think the Bird's Eye view made it more famous. As a vacation lover I like to enjoy such type of great read. I can also mention here an excellent home resort that make someone more happy and comfortable expectantly winter time. This place is more warmer than the other region of the USA. If you love to escape pinching cold of your area you can take a try Scottsdale AZ. Hope this won't disheartened anyone. Finally, I would like to say my warm thanks to you for sharing such good work.


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