March 8, 2011

Sunnyside and Magnolia, circa 1980s

Thanks to Admin_2 for the head's up on this photo near Sunnyside and Magnolia in the eighties. Go to Sunnyside and Magnolia Set, Chicago Lords of Uptown for more images and to learn more about Uptown's gang history.

I'm not sure of the exact street address for those buildings in the back, but the building on the left was no doubt abandoned, judging by the number of broken windows.


Anonymous said...

I was a greaser in the 1960,s, in Uptown. I went to Senn High School and survived. It was a rough time in uptown at that time. Watched the news of the Kennedy Assasination, lived through MLK assasination, the 1968 riots. I am now retired from the Army Reserve and retired from a Sherrif's Department and now working for the federal government as a law enforcement officer. I look back on the years in uptown and proud of every minute, Thanks for the memories of a time gone by.

Anonymous said...

I think the building at the upper left no longer exists. In its place is a scattered sites CHA building at 4510 N. Magnolia. The building at the upper right is 4516-18 N. Magnolia (still in existence). Check Google maps street view for 4516-18 N. Magnolia, I am pretty sure it is the right building.

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