March 17, 2011

Burny Bros. Bakery, Sheridan, 1960

Thanks to Amanda M. for sending this one in!

Does anyone know the exact address? I caught a reference that it was located near the Mode Theater.


adgorn said...

I checked numerous Trib issues around this time and found many ads for Burny, however no stores listed on Sheridan. Most sites were 2200 west and beyond. Burny was also located in some Jewels. They had their bakery factory at 4600 W. Chicago. FYI Burny folded into Entenmanns in 1979/80.

But then I found, where they have a 1950 anniversary program that also includes "Schlosser" Bakery. They show 3948 N. Sheridan, so that must be it. (Can't be sure it's a Burny or Schlosser site.) Now the location of Caminos De Michuacan restaurant.

Joanne said...

Thanks for your sleuthing, Alan. That would put it by the Mode, which was at 3912 Sheridan. (The reference I caught was on Cinema Treasures, where people remembered the bakery being near the theatre.)

fishing adventures said...

i went to lakeview hs we transferred buses at irving & sheridan. this was everyday for four years. i certainly remember burny bros but i don't remember the bakery there. when i enlarged the picture, i saw my best friend priscilla right there in the middle with the short hair. what a shock marilynne marcos jawitz

Anonymous said...

My dad worked for Burney brothers Bakery (main bakery)around the late 1960's. We knew the owner Jule Burney and I had a wild crush on one of his sons. Never knew what happened to that family.

Anonymous said...

Some info from 2007 article to Anonymous who wondered what happen to that family..........

Jule F. Burny, age 89, passed away on Sept.9, 2007 in Palm Beach, FL. Mr. Burny had been a long time resident of Palm Beach.

Originally from Chicago, IL, he had served as the CEO of Burny Brothers Bakery, the largest variety bakery in the United States.

Burny Brothers was founded by Mr. Burny's father and his father's two brothers in 1910, soon after they had immigrated to the United States from France.

The business grew rapidly under Jule's leadership and Burny Brothers became a household name.

Upon his retirement as CEO, Mr. Burny moved to Palm Beach, FL. Mr. Burny is survived by his wife, Joan of Palm Beach, FL; children, Alice and her husband Jim Saltzman of Burr Ridge, IL; George and his wife Joan of Barrington, IL; Tom and his wife Laurie of Elmhurst, IL; Steven and Joan of Boynton Beach, FL; Julie and her husband Bill Carragher of Lighthouse Point, FL; twelve grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.

Katherine Beasley said...

My father also worked there in the 1960's he was a journeymen he went by the name of Ted Rupert he was the grandfather of triplets 2 girls 1 boy. I use to love the crullers hot out of the oven. Anyone remember Desoto the night supervisor.
Have a happy Thanksgiving.

tracer said...

Thank you all for eliciting these wonderful memories of my most favorite bakery goodies and growing up in Chicago.

Unknown said...

I worked at Burny Bros. at the headquarters on Chicago Ave. from 1965 to 1967. I knew Jule and his brother Robert. I worked in the office part but frequently spent time out in the bakery. I was responsible for the annual handling of the massive orders for their fruit cakes as one of my duties. The CFO took me under his wing (Mr. Franks) and gave me many opportunities there until I went into the service. Fond memories of the people there.

Vicki Behrens said...

My cousin married Linda Burney but not sure who her parents were. She passed many years ago but left her husband and several children. I think maybe 4. She was a very beautiful and lovely lady that everyone in the family loved!!!! And her family had delicious baked goods!!!!!!

therese mcnerney said...

I loved their graham cracker cake and the chocolate whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles. I had the recipe for the graham cracker cake but misplaced it years ago. I wish I had it though.


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