November 4, 2010

Hotel Somerset, Dorset Hotel (4943 Sheridan), and Edgewater Beach Hotel, Sheridan and Argyle, Uptown Chicago 1964

A terrific view of Sheridan from 1964, which shows both the Somerset Hotel with the marquee still on top, and the Dorset. Way in the distance, you can see the Edgewater Beach Hotel and apartments.


Moshe said...

The Somerset Hotel has always been a part of my teenage years. The reason being i had my Bar Mitzvah party there. A big event with over a hundred people in attendance. Great band and food.
I would like to see rental apartments, retail, a delicatesen, and a area for a synagogue. We need one,

Joanne said...

Hi Moshe -- Did you get any pictures of the interior of the Somerset for your party? Would love to see them.


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