August 29, 2010

The Daniels Hotel, Winthrop, Uptown Chicago

Back in February, we posted a postcard of the Daniels Hotel, once located at 4718 Winthrop. We recently heard from the great-grandson of the original developer, who had this to say:

My great grandfather, Fred Owen Emery Daniels built it, but lost both the hotel and his other business, the Terminal Garage (located at 4464 N Broadway, Chicago), sometime in the Great Depression.

As far as the hotel on Winthrop Avenue, he sold bonds in order to finance the construction.

The bond is pictured above. You can see other images of the hotel, original advertisements, and news clippings about a murder that happened there, on Finnestad's blog: Emery / Daniels Ancestry


bill Matteson said...

Holy crumboie
I forgot all about this place during the War that is ww2 the building was just an eight or nine story shell as kids it was always a challenge to climb to the top and getting back down was as difficult, after the war someone rebuilt it

bill Matteson said...

forget what I wrote about the Daniels 1t 4718 winthrop I was thinking of somewhere around 4723 on the south side of the street

Anonymous said...

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