February 28, 2010

Daniels Apartment Hotel, 4718 Winthrop, Uptown, Chicago

I checked Google street views, and it looks like there might be a parking lot where the hotel once was.

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finnestad said...

You are correct, the Daniels Apartment Hotel was torn down sometime, I believe in the 70's. I discovered that fact, unfortunately, when I went to take photos in 2007.

My great grandfather, Fred Owen Emery Daniels built it, but lost both the hotel and his other business, the Terminal Garage, (located at 4464 N Broadway, Chicago) sometime in the Great Depression.

As far as the hotel on Winthrop Avenue, he sold bonds in order to finance the construction. (Here is the advertisement - the drawing is the same as the photo in the Daniels Apartment Hotel postcard http://emerydanielshistory.blogspot.com/2010/08/daniels-apartment-hotel-bonds.html )


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