August 19, 2010

Backstage Nightclub, 935 Wilson, Uptown Chicago, 1951

Backstage Nightclub, Wilson Avenue, Uptown, Chicago. Building now owned by JPUSA.

To see a matchbook cover we previously posted of this location, go to 935 Wilson.

The original and high-res prints of this photo are available at time of writing from eBay


clarendon park said...

I was a bartender there in 1970-71 there are too many stories from this joint to tell

Unknown said...

I was a dancer there 1971-72

bill Matteson said...

well clarendon park you probably served me a drink and one for rosemary.. I remember talking to a bartender who told me about ice cold vodka mixed in with the bottled beer
do you remember Hack's Wilson Cottage
Acrross the street??

clarendon park said...

wow, I wonder if I know Rosey. Rosey, do you remember Max the bartender, or the owner at that time? I remember mixing champagne in the back room before opening the doors. do you remember Donny, he was a younger bartender there, his father was called Red. you probably worked for an older gentleman named Don, he was from quincy illinois, and a bouncer named Jerry, he was a really big guy.

clarendon park said...

I really felt bad serving BEE drinks to the girls there, and felt worse for the guys buying them. a shot of pink pussycat and a spit glass of coke, so the guy couldn't see the shot she didn't drink. and the champagne that was almost all club soda mixed with the cheap champagne. that was one crazy place, sorry for the deception.

Anonymous said...

I was student and lived on Sunny Side. On occasion we would take a study break and go have a beer at the Backstage. Very interesting place. That was in 1970-71. There was an Irish Pub near there to a fellow by the name of Larry Oshey tended bar there. This was a great neighborhood back then.

Lena Charles said...

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Francesco Trivelli said...

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know someone who worked there with he last name of Fox. This was back in the 60s


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