June 10, 2009

Etching of Uptown Baptist Church, 1986

An etching by Sister Rose Marie Conway showing Uptown Baptist Church, circa 1986. It is currently available here. Her bio, as found on the Sinsinawa Dominicans Web site, reads:

Sister Rose Marie finds her art, her life, and her work constantly overlapping. She makes drawings, and her drawings grew into prints. “I have come to define myself as an artist” said Sister Rose Marie. “I’ve grown into this definition by claiming my right to make art, by making art, and by realizing that this engaging activity is fulfilling for me. I think of artmaking as a spiritual act, a centering process, and a healing occupation.”


JP Paulus said...

Thanks for this art...Uptown Baptist Church has a rich history, especially with the arts...i'll try to submit something sometime...

Joanne said...

That would be terrific, JP.


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