April 3, 2009

Uptown on the Upswing

Uptown neighborhood on an upswing

Steeped in history, diverse neighborhood witnessing a renaissance

There was a time, in its Roaring '20s heyday, when Uptown lived up to its name in more than one way. Yes, it stood higher than the Loop on the Chicago city map, but it also represented a glamorous step up from much of the rest of the Windy City.

In his book, "Guide to Chicago Neighborhoods," author and Tribune reporter Ron Grossman recaptures that age. "Between the World Wars, Wilson and Sheridan marked the center of what the Chicagoan magazine of the day called 'a city within a city,' a glittery district dotted with big movie palaces, fancy department stores and dance halls hosting Glenn Miller, the Dorsey Brothers, Jan Garber and all the other famous names of the swing era."

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jeanperkinshomes.com said...

I liked how the article included old and present information about Uptown. It also gave good advice about getting more square footage compared to surrounding areas.


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