March 18, 2009

A Resident's Memories of Uptown Chicago

Frank, one of our readers, had written in to share his memories of growing up in Uptown. You can read all of his posts here, but we wanted to pull out one and feature it here:

We lived on Sheridan right off Windsor . We use to go my brothers and sister to the UPTOWN theatre or the Riviera at the time like once a week for under a dollar. They both showed cheap movies back then. We'd go to church at the north shore church, now called Uptown Baptist, on Wilson and Sheridan once a week. Lots of times we'd just play outside, for neighborood kids just did that back then. Kids are always looking to get into something. Our mother kept us indoors often protective. Didn't want us getting into trouble.

Going to the arcade at Pops Arcade, probably primitive today's arcades standards, but they had pinball, and gunfight, more like carnival games was somthing kids did. Going to Stewart school and play on the swings and things, and jumping off to see how far we could get.

My friend James who was very bright had a collection of comic books 5 feet high. He and his brother were big star trek fans, and watched it everyday. The original Star Trek that is. The Next Generation didn't exist. He use to loan me comics. I bet they are valuable now if he still has then 35 years later.

Coming home from school and watching tv was usually the first things kids did. Cartoons, kids shows etc. to keep us entertained, because quality tv didn't require cable subscription, but you did have to endure the commercials. Cable tv didn't exist, or computer for the household. personally i think kids seem somewhat smarter with the computers today, but somehow doesn't seem like they have as much to me as before them.

Anyways Uptown was and is a diverse area, and it's an area that's always changing with immigration . Many people move there, and later move out. I have lived in uptown since 1981 , and then for 2 years in 1985 and 1986 on Kenmore and Montrose. Me and my whole family. I will always consider Uptown my roots no matter what changes it brings the memories are what we take with us.

By the way this is a great uptown sight and history of uptown.

One important person who needs recognition is Romla Remis Dunlap. She lived right on Sheridan past Winsor for years. She was the first Lady To play Dorthy in the first Wizard of Oz the silent version.

Anyway when uptown was like hollywood way back then she was probably its last legacy She died in the 1980s, She was a piano teacher and christian scientist . You can find her on the net.
I better go. I spoke a mouthful. Wish we could all go back.

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