December 12, 2008

Back Stage Burlesk, 935 Wilson Avenue, Uptown Chicago

We recently learned that speakeasy type murals were discovered in the basement of 935 Wilson during renovation. No word on whether or not the building's owners plan to preserve them or not. Image courtesy John Chuckman.


Jon Trott said...

Thanks for posting this great photo. As a long-time member of Jesus People USA who worked in 939 Wilson (the building's current given address), I can say it is a building of mystery. We did in fact find very rough paintings of race horses (along with remnants of what appeared to be a telegraph/telephone system) on a back wall of the building. Don't think it was the basement, as the basement of this building is extremely rough, not good for much other than minimal storage (and not even that). Rumors we heard dated the horses to the gangster era, possibly Bugs Moran. But that may just be good stories rather than history. Keep up the good work; this toddlin' town is fascinating, and Uptown is no exception.

Joanne said...

Hi Jon. Would you happen to have any photos of the horse murals?


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