December 3, 2007

Dover Street District Receives Landmark Status

Beacon Street North of Wilson

Excerpt from today's Chicago Sun-Times. Complete article can be found online.

The avalanche of landmarks approved by the Committee on Historical Landmark Preservation also included the Dover Street District, a "visually distinctive collection of suburban-style single-family homes and multi-family buildings" constructed between 1893 and 1927 in the Uptown community. The district "exemplifies the growth and development of the North Side neighborhood in the years following its annexation" by Chicago in 1889 - a growth made possible by mass transit to the Loop.

The district is predominantly located in the 4500, 4600 and 4700 blocks of North Dover and includes four properties on the 4700 block of North Beacon.

Of 88 property owners, 55 have agreed to the landmark designation. Several testified today and broke into applause after the vote.

"What has galvanized support is the threat of teardowns. We were mobilized into action because of that," said Joanne Gannett, who lives at 4723 N. Dover. "We're under a great deal of pressure now from developers. We need your help," said resident Barbara Litwin.

Landmark status affords certain protections to buildings. Those wanting to rip down or renovate a landmark structure, for instance, first must get approval from the city's Commission on Historical Landmarks.


Uptown Updater said...

We wonder how many of the buildings in that photo are still standing. Not sure of the actual vantage point.

Joanne said...

C. R. Childs published many of these photo postcards, and while he was good at writing down the closest intersection, he didn't always indicate how far up the street he was standing when he took the image.

The ones I have that are postmarked tend to be circa 1900s-1910s, so its before a lot of the older framed homes were torn down to make way for the brick multi-flats, which really changed the face of the area.

Uptown Updater said...

Good to know Fairy,
Also, we have often wondered if the far north=end of the Wilson El station, that is currently covered in "Wilson Broadway Mall" signs (and decay) used to be an entrance to the station of some sort. We have never seen an old pic of this angle. Do you have any idea?


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