December 9, 2007

Historic Images of Uptown at Fat Cat

In recent weeks, Fat Cat Bar and Grill, just north of the Uptown Theatre on Broadway, has created a photo corner with approximately two dozen historic images from my collection and the collection of Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads. Reprints of these images are available for purchase at Compass Rose.

It's fun to sit near the photo wall at Fat Cat and listen to the comments of people walking past; most have no idea that our neighborhood is filled with such history. Be sure to check out the display!


IrishPirate said...

You might want to try to see if you could get some local establishments to sell them for you.

Put them in a frame, on display. Just an idea.

They make money. You make money. Uptown is saved and tooth decay is defeated. Winners all around.

JP Paulus said...

IrishPirate has a great idea.

Army & Lou's restaurant has artwork from a nearby art store that they sell to customers. It's like a mini art gallery, and a great way to pass the time while waiting for food, as well as giving people ideas on something to buy.

Based on Army & Lou's, i then headed to that same store since i liked the art that i saw.

Unknown said...

What if they get food stains on the artwork?


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