October 21, 2007

Cuckoo Club, 5138 Broadway, Chicago

This one kind of cracks me up. It's an old matchbook for the Cuckoo Club, once located at 5138 Broadway in Chicago. The outside graphic shows happy children playing with a dog. Good, wholesome family stuff. The interior image is of a nude girl with feathers ala Sally Rand.

The address puts it approximately where the former Burger King (soon to be a Dunkin Donuts) and Marathon gas station now stand.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Green Fairy, is it OK that I e-mailed you some links? I don't know if you got them (or even want to receive such mail unsolicited), but I was pleased with my find!


Joanne said...

Hey Jeff,

I haven't gotten into the habit of checking that e-mail account regularly--I'll take a peek now. I love getting Uptown-related links!



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