October 28, 2012

Tonight on Radio or Streaming Web

Bill Matteson
Uptown Chicago History Correspondent

Tonight on the radio is the MotherShip Connection, "Your Cosmic link to the other side."

Broadcasting live from Kenosha, Wisconsin, from 8 pm until midight, the witching hour.
AM 1050 on your radio dial or streaming on your computer WLIP.com.

You can call in with comments and or questions 262-694-1050.

Topic for the evening is Ouija boards, Richard Crowe World Famous Ghost Hunter,
and a few quips about Uptown.

The MotherShip Connection is a talk-friendly program about  strange occurrences, happenings, and unexplained phenomenon. Moderated by Dobie Maxwell, a well-known Chicagoland DJ, stand up comedian, and all around good guy.

I will be popping in and out with a few comments about Uptown. I lived at 4737 Kenmore and went to Stewart School. My wife Eileen Griffin lived at 4740 across the street; she went to St. Thomas
We've been hanging out a long time.

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