August 30, 2011

Edgewater Beach Hotel's Gray Goose Air Lines Service, 1928

The swanky Edgewater Beach Hotel once ran a flight service for its guests that would take you from the frozen north to the sunny south in just seven hours.

Text reads:

Direct to the Gulf Coast by Airplane
A Special Service for Edgewater Beach Hotel Guests

Rise from the Municipal Airport, Chicago, and after seven delightful hours, find yourself at the Gulfcoast.

On wings of luxurious comfort, speed your way Southward, from Winter's blustering blasts to balmy summer zephyrs.

Loll restfully against the handsomely appointed upholstery of your easy chair as you are wisped along with the speed of the wind.

At your will enjoy exhilarating freshness of the open window or the snug comfort of the closed one.

All the attendant comforts of travel are provided: heat, light, and lavatory.

Come as you would, dressed for street or ordinary travel.


Update: I did a little more poking around on the Internet, and found this old advertisement as well:


old guy said...

About 12 years ago my son and I were at the "oshkosh fly in" and took a ride in a 1929 ford tri-motor.
when taking off the plane just floated up in the air and the windows had these tabs on each side that allowed them to open by going up and down like some of the real old cta busses. what a difference when compared to air travel today.

Joanne said...

That's what had surprised me the most about the brochure--that you could open the windows on the plane! Now we travel in sealed boxes.

tombarnes said...

Have you got anything more about the Edgewater Gulf in Edgewater Park, Mississippi? This was, of course, the sister hotel of Chicago's Edgewater Beach and the intended destination for the travelers on these airplanes. I have various pictures of the Edgewater on my Flickr account- a few are post cards, but many are images from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

Tom Barnes

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