March 3, 2011

Super High-Resolution of Argyle Street

We just learned a nifty trick for uploading the high-resolution images of the IDOT collection, so I'll spend some time in the next few days updating all the IDOT posts with close ups. Here's one image of Argyle. Click to enlarge (and click again), and you can practically see inside people's windows.


nando said...

Those pictures are amazing. Where are they from?

Joanne said...

From the Illinois Department of Transportation Chicago Traffic Photo Collection at the University of Illinois, Chicago. There's a link with most of the images that will take you to the site.

Uptown Updater said...

You figured out the trick too! It makes a huge difference in the quality. I'm glad that person mentioned it in our comments.

Outatime said...

My pleasure :)

I'm the guy buying up a lot of the photos you link to on eBay. I have some sick (as in excellent) scanners. When I get a chance over the next couple of months I'll upload everything in crazy resolutions for you.

Joanne said...

That's awesome, Outatime! We get a few pennies from the eBay traffic we send over from the links, so I use the funds to buy more images for the site and for the community. Stay tuned this week...I have some AMAZING images of the interior of the New Lawrence Hotel lobby that I need to scan and upload.

Kevin R. Doerksen said...

I would like to download some of the photos from the IDOT site, but I do NOT know the "trick". Anyone willing to share??? Please???

Joanne said...

Hi Kevin -- drop me an e-mail at editor(a)

nancyweisz said...

Just Great!
Around the corner on the upper right hand side- (north on Sheridan) was the beauty parlor my mother and used to go to in the 40's. If you walked south- down Argyle- it led to the park. Terrific to see this wonderful street again!THe photo was taken the year I was born.
The resolution is fantastic!


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