March 2, 2011

Lawrence and Sheridan, 1936

If I didn't see the Copeland and the Edgewater Beach Hotel in the distance, I never would have believed this was Lawrence and Sheridan. From the IDOT collection.

Looking west, toward the Aragon Ballroom. It looks like there was an awesome retail building where there is now a parking lot for JJ Pepper:

Looking north.


Source: Illinois Department of Transportation Chicago Traffic photographs
Collection: IDOT Chicago Traffic Photographs (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago Library


nancyweisz said...

The New Lawrence Hotel had a swimming pool in the basement- or first floor-. In the 40's it was open to the public for lessons. as well as open swimming .I went once a week in 1946 for lessons walking from Carmen and Glenwood to and from the class. The best part of the trip(I wasn't keen on swimming) was going by the Aragon Ballroom. At 10,I was too young to go in, but the posters outside and the building were fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I believe the pool was on the ground floor. If you turned the corner onto Kenmore from Lawrence the pool was right there. You could see it by looking through the window. At least that is the way I remember it. I remember standing outside at the window and looking in watching the people swim.
Cheryl Peck

Anonymous said...

I remember the Walgreens Drug store and newspaper stand on one corner, then across the street was a liquor store and down from that Kresges, then across the street was a toy store then across from that was Happy Jack's. It is so cool to see what was there in 1936.At least the Walgreens was there then. I also use to love the posters outside of the Aragon.It was great watching the people going in there all dressed up. Also, I remember looking at the jewelry in the windows at the New Lawrence Hotel. They had a gift shop inside and they had jewelry in little windows in the area before you would go through the big doors to the hotel. My grandma loved costume jewelry and loved looking at all of it.
Nice memories.
Cheryl Peck


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