March 27, 2011

Clark and Leland, Chicago, 1955

This one is a little further out than we usually find for images of Leland. It is currently for sale on eBay

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bill Matteson said...

From Mary M.
.we lived just east of the alley on Leland in a building called the Alberta and the one around the corner on Dover were built by the family that owned the company my mother worked for for many years...the Engle Art Corner co... which was located on Clark st, just around the corner......they made the corners that you put pictures in your albums with...I still have a couple of packages of them......I lived there with my mom and dad after we moved from Wilson and Broadway and then when, I got married, we moved there and were there for the first 10 years of our folks moved to a smaller place....boy, the memories of these pictures are so wonderful.....our whole childhood, right???? Thanks


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