February 6, 2011

Barouge Lounge Trade Token, 1203 Wilson Avenue

Back in November, we featured an exterior shot of the Barouge Lounge on Wilson taken during the fifties. See it here: Barouge Lounge.

Reader John Mutch sent us these images of a trade token from the Barouge.

A note from John: "There are many Chicago trade tokens — most of them don't say Chicago on them, but quite a few have a street address. I enjoy being able to find old photos that show the storefronts.  One I am working on right now is from the South Side during WWII: Bill & Jim's Old Bar Inn at 5212 Lake Park Ave. So far no luck in finding a picture."

Can anybody help John out? Drop a note in the comments section.

If you have any Uptown collectibles you'd like to share, send a photo of it to editor(a)compassrose.com along with any details you know about it.

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