December 11, 2010

Senn High School, Chicago, 1939

My mom graduated from Senn in the early sixties. I went to one of the open houses a few years ago and called her while there to ask if she remembered where her locker and homeroom were. I had given her a starting point, and after forty years, she was still able to talk me through the building.

Original image available for purchase, at time of posting, from here: Senn High School

A number of famous people graduated from Senn over the years, including Burr Tillstrom, creator of Kukla Fran and Ollie; Sidney Sheldon, an Academy Award and Tony Award winning playwright, screenwriter, and novelist who helped create television series such as The Patty Duke Show, Hart to Hart, and I Dream of Jeannie; Harold Ramis, a comedy writer, director, and actor (Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacation, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Analyze This); jazz singer Anita O'Day; Clayton Moore, aka The Lone Ranger; Allan Katz, who wrote and produced M*A*S*H; Harvey Kormon, best known for his work on the Carol Burnett Show; and author John Jakes, who has written a number of bestsellers, including North and South.


Anonymous said...

I graduated from there in 1970. I used to hangout at Bonnies, a little cafe in the basement do not remember the street.

bill Matteson said...

Can't Forget Dan Greenberg Phil Kaufman and Wm Freidkin
all from Stewart school and became writers and directors
bill Matteson I became a printer

VNikol said...

Amazing! I have Anita O'Day songs on my iPod & never knew she went to Senn. My older sis graduated from Senn in 88. I remember picking her up from school with my mom & wondering what high school was like. I soon found out when I started at Lane Tech in 89. Senn had a nice roster of well known alums.

Olivia Edrick said...
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Janice Caldwell Samuelson said...

My grandmother graduated from Senn High School, graduated from Northwestern University and returned to Senn HS in Sep 1921 to teach physical education. Wish photos were available.


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