December 23, 2010

Rainbo Arena, Clark at Lawrence, Uptown Chicago

In 1957, Mike Todd's Theater Cafe (formerly the French Casino, Rainbo Gardens) was converted to an ice skating rink, called Rainbo Arena, which was a practice rink for the Chicago Blackhawks including the year they won the 1961 Stanley Cup. The Rainbo Arena was also a training rink for several Olympic figure skaters, housed a pro bowling alley, and the original Kinetic Playground music venue.

Original image available for purchase (at time of posting) from here: Rainbo Arena


adgorn said...

Took many an ice skating lesson at Rainbo. I have distinctive memories of the sounds and smells of the place. I'll have to dig out my old photos, scan them and make a few bucks on ebay :)

Joanne said...

You definitely should...let me know the links when you do and I'll talk 'em up for you here.

bill said...

My friends and I played hockey their in the late 60,s early 70,s.

Florian said...

I played hockey there too, 1968 to 1972. Met my future wife there, in 1971. Great memories.

VNikol said...

My first skate party was at the Rainbo, though it was in the mid-80s. Such a historical landmark for many generations. ; )

Anonymous said...

I had memories of ice skating lessons there I will always remember. I have the badges we use to get. I remember being a French Pussey Cat and Christmas Tree in a line skating show back in the 1960's. Boy did I use to like to skate fast around the rink. I was a lead skater in one of those shows and most likely skated too fast as some were falling down in the show.


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