December 29, 2010

Drink Token, Normandy Cocktail Lounge, 1110 Lawrence, Uptown Chicago

Drink token from the Normandy Cocktail Lounge, 1110 Lawrence, Chicago.

When I Googled the address, I came up with this: "In 1958 the Normandy Cocktail Lounge, located next door to the Aragon, caught fire and an explosion erupted. The blast, probably set off by pressure from heat generated by the fire, ripped off the glass and brick storefront of the saloon, hurled bar stools, glass and shreds of fancy draperies across the street, and punched a huge hole into the wall that separated it from the foyer of the ballroom. Damage to the Aragon was estimated at $50,000.00. The explosion occurred at 3:35 am, three hours after the Aragon had closed. No one was injured. Consequently, the Aragon closed for a few months in order to repair the lobby. When it reopened, attendance dwindled." (Courtesy Iowa Ballroom Project.)

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