September 6, 2010

Edgewater Beach Hotel Pool, 1953

This is probably one of the best images I've encountered of the pool at the old Edgewater Beach Hotel. It was taken around the time of the 1951–54 extension of Lake Shore Drive from Foster Avenue to Hollywood, which effectively cut off the hotel from the beach, leading to a sharp reduction in business. Hard to advertise yourself as a beachfront hotel if you're no longer on the beach. The Edgewater finally closed in 1967 and the main buildings were torn down shortly after.


fishing adventures said...

i have memories of what we called the cabana. my next door neighbor rented a cabana for the summer and i used to go as a guest. this was the closest thing to being in florida. it was the first time i dove headfirst into the pool. there were summer stock productions and one year (1961) tony randall and his wife and rita moreno were relaxing next to our cabana. we thought that was exciting. tony randall was very good looking and rita moreno was as cute as she could be. she was is a bathing suit, no make-up and looked nothing like she looked in west side story. those were the days marilynne marcos jawitz said...

I am working on an arcadia book about the hotel using the archives of the edgewater Historical society I ran across this comment about the cabana which is something we don't have much about and would like to use it in the book. can you put me in touch with marilynne marcos JAwitz? If she is not available can i get permission to use it? thanks kg


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