September 3, 2010

Boys Hitchhiking from Lakeview High School, Chicago, 1947

Can you even imagine this scene today? Any parent would freak out to hear his or her son or daughter was hitchhiking home from school.

This image, and many more amazing scenes of Old Uptown, are available from here:

Lakeview High School, 1947


Anonymous said...

This is so unreal to see. My Grandparents had a grocery store right on Ashland Avenue right South of Irving Park. Wow, lots of memories looking at this picture.

Joanne said...

Anonymous -- Do you have any pictures of your grandparents' store? That would be neat to see.

My grandmother Elsie went to school at Lakeview; although she graduated a few years before this photo was taken, I imagine it looked pretty much the same.

fishing adventures said...

i went to lakeview from 1958 to 1962. thw school looks the same, but where does this come to lakeview? marilynne

fishing adventures said...

my post did not come out the way it was intended. i wanted to say where does lakeview high come to uptown?

SkyeSweet1276 said...

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