August 15, 2010

Kenmore South from Thorndale, Chicago: Then and Now

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Google's Streetview screen capture:

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VNikol said...

Great picture, I was hoping to find some shots of this area. I lived at 5900 N Kenmore from ages 3-7 in the late 70's - early 80's, and I really loved the neighborhood then.

My grandmother lived in the apartment across from ours and would babysit me while my parents worked. She would take me to the local deli where we'd getting awesome hot Corn Beef sandwiches on rye, a fresh plump glazed donut & a pack of grape bubblegum for later. There was a butcher shop next to the deli, Dove East Cleaners, the train station and a drugstore - all a block away from our building.

Later, Dominick's was built on Broadway and a McDonald's with a play area but that was a very rare outing indeed.

I attended Swift School from K-3rd and really loved the diversity there.


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