July 19, 2010

View of Historic Colvin House -- Sheridan Road, Looking North from Thorndale

From a time when Sheridan was a quiet street. The house on the far left is the Colvin House, designed by George W. Maher, who also designed many of the homes along historic Hutchinson Street in Uptown. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

"The Colvin House is a house in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The house was built in 1909 by George W. Maher. It was designated a Chicago Landmark on October 5, 1994. This residence was built for Alexander R. Colvin, a physician, and his wife, Sarah Tarleton Colvin, a founder of the Minnesota Nurses Association and an activist in the suffrage movement. Sarah Colvin was chairperson from 1915-1920 of the Minnesota branch of the Congressional Union (later the National Woman's Party). She was jailed twice in 1918 in Washington, D.C. for displaying a suffrage banner in front of the White House and for burning President Woodrow Wilson in effigy. When this house was built it was not connected to the city water and sewer system. The Colvins dug their own well."

Here is what Chicago Landmarks has to say:

"This large-scale residence, one of the most distinguished to survive along Sheridan Road, epitomizes the distinctive architectural style of its designer. Dominant central entries, broad hipped roofs, bold rectangular massing, and complementary landscaping are common features of the work of this well-known architect, who began his career working for Frank Lloyd Wright."

Image below from Google Maps, of how the street looks today. Click labels link below for more images of Sheridan Road.

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see 5948 still standing in this picture. Google maps hasn't updated the demise of that house yet. The Colvin house looks really forlorn now without it.

Anonymous said...

It's in a shameful condition now...weeds and ruined landscaping due to huge dogs that run inside of the fences. It smells awful when walking past in the summer. The lady that lives there needs to clean up after her dogs. If it's a historical building...you could of fooled me. Shame.

Anonymous said...

The information about Colvin's wife is outdated. She was Clara Fuller, not Sarah Tarelton who lived in Minnesota. This is confirmed by the current Wikipedia article for Colvin House as well as other sources.

Anonymous said...

I was born in this house and lived in it it until it was sold in 1993. The construction of the house, the space it provided was sublime. And the memories of countless thanksgiving and Christmas parties - a family tradition - will never leave me and are well preserved now that the house has been renovated and remains intact. The current owners have done a great job, and have preserved an architectural gem. Although they were less interested in meeting me or hearing about the house, I admire their hard work. Chicago is better when houses like these are preserved.


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