July 11, 2010

Southeast Corner of Hazel and Galt ( Now Agatite ) Uptown Chicago

Here's an example of a street-name change. Galt Avenue was changed to Agatite. According to the Chicago History Museum, "Agatite Ave...once thought to be named after the Agitate tree of the West Indies, but there is no such tree so the name remains a mystery." According to the same source, Hazel was named after the Hazel nut.

Here's a vintage view of the southeast corner:

The view today:

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Pablo said...

How can I get a digital picture of this.

Joanne said...

Pablo, The largest version I have of it is here: Hazel and Galt.

Joanne said...

Pablo-Nice timing. There is a seller on eBay selling prints of this. You can buy them here: Hazel and Galt reproduction prints.


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