March 15, 2009

Green Mill Sunken Gardens, Broadway and Lawrence, Uptown Chicago

The Web site My Al Capone Museum has a very nice article on the Green Mill Gardens, located at Broadway and Lawrence. While a small portion of the club still remains, much of the ground space was taken over to build the Uptown Theatre.

The advertisement above announced the opening night; the text reads:

Come tonight to the Green Mill Gardens. The coolest spot in Chicago—the only real Sunken Gardens in America—the most novel summer garden where every night is a gala night. Come where you can spend your evening in comfort and pleasure in a delightful spot encircled by a terrace of flowers and climbing vines. Dine in our Della Robbia Room, designed with rare skill and carried out in the costliest, though not gaudy, marbles and tile. Attractive and rich—a place where you will enjoy the finest cuisine prepared by expert chefs. The cleverest entertainers.

The Queen of the Cabaret Miss Patricola with her orchestra of 25 pieces and many other stellar attractions, especially engaged for tonight's opening, will entertain you as you have never been entertained before. For the best amusement in Chicago, come to Green Mill Gardens tonight!

Take Broadway Car to Door or Northwestern "L" to Wilson Avenue, Walk 2 Blocks.

Oh, how fabulous it must have been! Our thanks go to D.S. for pointing us to the Web site.

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Anonymous said...

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