January 13, 2009

Hotel Kenmore, 4618-4622 Kenmore (at Wilson) Uptown Chicago

The Hotel Kenmore stood on Kenmore near Wilson, where Winthrop Ave. curves around to meet it. The view today, courtesy of Google Maps (use your mouse to navigate the map):

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Uptown Updater said...

Outstanding postcard! Good find!

bill matteson said...

this was on my newspaper route
My most famous customer Was
Ray Blanco he was on Radio and was billed as the Mexican troubadour
He was a good looking guy who could really play the guitar. His wife was a blond from Georgia. his hobby was Photography and he made a couple of portrait shots of me for my Mom.
about 190 there was a fire in the hotel and we wee all outside watching
a naked Lady in the window waving at us


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