November 16, 2008

Memories from a Reader -- Tangles with Al Capone's Mob and a Brush with Nat King Cole

Editor's Note: We received an e-mail this week with memories from a past resident who lived near Sheridan and Argyle in the 1940s. If you have similar memories you'd like to share, write us!

I lived in the Morlond Hotel (above Walgreen's) while in school, age 18, 1946-47. It was owned by a daughter of Brach (candy). Was in front of the Argyle Bar (north side) adjacent to the El @ 6 A.M. or so when it was machine-gunned by "one of the last of Capone's mob", (nickname:"The Mop"(?)). Thompson sub-machine blast missed me by a few steps. Visited the bar in the El building on the south side of Argyle when it featured Nat King Cole trio, before he was "known and appreciated". A fine local restaurant, Jack Piper's, was a half block south on Sheridan.
The Walgreen's lunch counter was the place to eat breakfast or bet a horse thru Louie, who had the paper stand outside. He spent one day in jail once a year for his transgressions, but he put his kids thru college, I believe!

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Anonymous said...

Ref:Sunday, Nov 16, 2008 posting.
I submitted the historical story. Surprised that there are no comments.
The local tailor was killed in the machine-gun blast.It was a headliner in the paper that evening.
s/ Buff Bob @


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