August 5, 2008

Wilson Avenue Beach, Chicago, Another Poster

Another 100-year-old view of Wilson Avenue Beach, available as a poster from here: Wilson Beach.


Jon Trott said...

Love this site. Thanks so much for all the hard work it must have taken to put it together.

I'd really enjoy someone explaining how the beach line changed in Uptown, and Chicago for that matter, over the years. I notice that in the above poster the city seems to come right down to the water in spots. Was this before the city built out further into the lake? What streets were near or practically on the lake before the extension into the lake was (were?) built?

Again, thanks.

Joanne said...

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your kind thoughts. I probably spend an hour or so a day working to find new images--these street shots were probably the largest single collection I've found.

Lake Shore Drive has been extended a few times, in 1933 up to Foster and in 1957 all the way up to Hollywood. Before that, many of these streets terminated at the beach (kinda like Rogers Park).

Here's a postcard with a map you might like: New Lawrence.

This one shows the extension to Foster: Bryn Mawr.

I have a few more with maps, including one of the Chelsea Hotel, so I'll try to dig them up for you.

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