August 17, 2008

1930s Art Print Wrigley Field, Home of the Cubs

This beautiful, full-color image of Wrigley Field is available from here: Wrigley Field.


BW said...

I don't think the colors are historically accurate, however. I still would love to see those metal grates put back instead of that awful chainlink fence though.

Joanne said...

I don't think the colors are accurate, either; it's more an artistic representation. I agree about the awful chainlink.

Joe ragont said...

Actually, this great art print is from 1935. The marquee, which was a dark green at the time, shows the home dates of the World Series with Detroit in October.
Unfortunately, the Cubs lost the series in six games.

Joanne said...

Thanks for the correction, Joe! I'll change the heading.

Dan Krause said...

Where can I get a copy of this art print?


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