January 9, 2008

Uptown Theatre Update

Today's Uptown Advisor further clarifies today's Sun Times article. The Uptown Advisor is a volunteer service of Friends of the Uptown, an outreach activity of Landmark Uptown Theatre Corp., an Illinois not-for-profit corporation. Visit http://www.uptowntheatre.com
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Uptown Update January 9, 2008

Editor's note: Chicago-based JAM Productions, which made some of its first fortunes booking rock shows onto the UPTOWN's long-forgotten stage from 1977 to 1981 (?), has long been named as one of the recent and active contenders for ownership or control of the UPTOWN THEATRE, Chicago.

The second prominent contender, Live Nation, which is a major entertainment corporation, was not too public until today.

Sources have suggested that each company is interested in renovating and reusing the UPTOWN for entertainment. At this time, that's good news for the landmark and its large community of fans, supporters, neighbors and volunteers.

Here's the David Roeder business column:

Live Nation has eyes on Uptown
Northerly Island promoter seeks to restore theater's glory

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