January 10, 2008

Uptown Theatre. So near, yet...

It seems the Uptown is on everyone's mind this week. For a lively neighborhood discussion on the theatre (and other Uptown happenings) go to Uptown Update. Chris Jones also wrote about the recent gossip surrounding the Uptown in today's Chicago Tribune. Go directly to the Trib site to see a video clip of the theatre filmed last year.

The Uptown Theatre. So near, yet ...

by Chris Jones

I've written a lot over the years about the Uptown Theatre at 4814 N. Broadway. I stare at it from the "L" on a regular basis. As its many passionate supporters well know, the venue almost has been renovated on a number of occasions; it's been in the sights of everyone from charlatans to poorly funded enthusiasts to civic-minded business folks who've tried to make it happen but became worn down by the size and difficulty of the job.

Its challenges are well known — terrible state of disrepair, a location outside of downtown, parking issues, massive size, and so on. But its assets — most notably an interior that stirs the soul — are just as worthy of attention...

For complete story and video, go to Chicago Tribune

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