October 23, 2007

Montrose East of Sheridan


Jeff said...

Wow. Now this one I really can't see! Maybe the stretch where the ugly bulk grocery is?

Jeff said...

Yup. You can see the shady stretch with front lawns in the aerial photo at http://www.encyclopedia

Green Fairy said...

Cool image!

Still Jeff said...

Check out the Hotel Chateau and the townhomes (?) that surround it. And look at the huge lot between Clarendon and Marine where Imperial Towers now stand. So many mysteries . . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeff for the aerial photo. Its always been my understanding that the huge lot that you pointed out was owned by the Robbins family and the dirt road going up the middle of the property was called Robbins Terrace. I'm fairly sure they were the first owners of the property as well. That's the property that Brennemann school and Imperial Towers sits on. When my friends and I were kids we used to tell stories about a hatchet throwing maniac who lived in those woods. Its funny that story stemmed from seeing a guy cutting up some broken tree branches after a storm.


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