October 8, 2007

View of the McJunkin Building

The McJunkin Building was designed by Arthur Gerber, who also designed the Wilson El Station across the street. It was built on the former site of the Lower Wilson station.

Update: I originally thought this photo was from the 80s, based on the date listed for it, but Irish Pirate pointed out that the cars are older, so perhaps it's from the early 70s.
Image courtesy HAARGIS.


Anonymous said...

O, Green Fairy, that view just makes me sad... When did Americans become so indifferent about preserving their architectural heritage? At least that building actually looks better today. Doesn't it . . . ?

Joanne said...

I guess the biggest difference is that the name "McJunkin" was covered up on the corner cornice--would have been nice if that had remained.

Overall, it's an amazing building, isn't it?

IrishPirate said...

I think the photo is more likely from the 1960's or early 70's based on the cars.

It is a purdy building and I liked the original "Mcjunkin" on the northern corner.

Joanne said...

The date in the HAARGIS database said mid-1980s, but I'm starting to think that may be the date the info was entered into the system, not the date the photo was taken. (Although this is Uptown, maybe people would have been driving around in 10-year-old cars at the time?)

clarendon park said...

MR. ADAMS steakhouse was located on the corner of MC JUNKIN bldg. in the 60s.

archibarr said...

The McJunkin Building receives a full page in the wonderful book 'Architecture of the Night' by Dietrich Neumann.

This building had extensive multi-colored illumination, flashers, and bright amber lights along the cornice.

Anonymous said...

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Once In Uptown said...

Our family Doctor was in the McJunkin Building many, many years ago. Dr. Walter Karsten. I got my first shots from him when I was a tiny tot...

Anonymous said...

My first job during high school was in the McJunkin building. The year 1968 with United Equitable Insurance. I believe it was Suite 400 but could be incorrect on that.

Anonymous said...

My best friend's Dad worked as the head Janitor of the McJunkin building during the 60's. He'd give me a ride on cold winter mornings and I'd take the El down to Lincoln Park from there.

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