September 25, 2007

Tour of Alta Vista Terrace on October 7

The Chicago Architecture Foundation will host a one-hour tour of Alta Vista Terrace on October 7th: "Known as the 'Street of 40 Doors, Alta Vista Terrace was built in 1904 to replicate the rowhouse style of London’s streets. This landmark block is unlike any other street in Chicago. It is an inviting curiosity with beautifully scaled homes. Learn the history of its cohesive design, decorative details, and unique doorways."

When: Sunday, October 7, 11:00 a.m.
Where: Meet at the northeast corner of Grace Street and Alta Vista Terrace (3800 N, 1050 W)
Cost: It's free to CAH members. $5 for non-members

Alta Vista Terrace is a Chicago Landmark. It was designed by J.C. Brompton for real estate developer
Samuel Eberly Gross. Each house is duplicated, with minor variation, at the diagonal end of the block.

Image courtesy John Chuckman.


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