August 2, 2013

Frank Westphal and His Rainbo Orchestra "Don't Bring Me Posies" (1922)

In 1921, Frank Westphal became established with his own dance orchestra at the newly opened Rainbo Gardens in Chicago at Lawrence and Clark. The open-air entertainment venue had a revolving stage to allow for continuous entertainment, table seating for 2,000 patrons, and space on the dance floor for an additional 1,500 guests. Westphal's band became popular for its "crisp, clever arrangements and superb musicianship."[5] Westphal's musicians included, at various times, Charles Burns and Austyn Edwards (trumpets), Herb Winfield (trombone), Bill and Jack Richards (saxophones), John Jensen (tuba) and Earl Roberts (banjo). The band recorded in Chicago for Columbia Records regularly between 1922 and 1924, recording over 50 tracks of which 34 were issued. These included "Bugle Call Rag", "Two Time Dan", and "Oh! Sister, Ain't That Hot!", as well as novelty piano pieces played by Westphal in the style of Zez Confrey and Edward Claypoole such as "Pianola" and "Dusting The Keys", which are "testimonies to his immense skill at the keyboard". Information from Wikipedia.

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