June 10, 2013

Thousands Throng Aragon Ballroom

From the archive...

Thousands Throng Great Aragon Ballroom
Source: Chicago Evening American, 16 July 1926, pg. 14.

Thousands of merry dance lovers thronged Andrew Karzas' new Aragon Ballroom, Winthrop and Lawrence avs., officially opened to the public last night in a veritable blaze of splendor. Officials high in public life, as well as stage celebrities, assisted in the dedication of this new $2,000,000 dance rendezvous.

The Aragon joined the ranks of Chicago's public show places at 7:30 when ex-Mayor William Hale Thompson bought the first admission ticket from pretty Sibylia Bohan, star of "Frosty," who officiated in the box office. Joe Lowrie, popular comedian, acted as master of ceremonies, introducing the various celebrities.

An inspiring sight greeted first nighters at the Aragon. Tall, stately towers and minarets of silver gleaming above the blue skies; great granite walls covered with ancient arabesques of green, blue and gold; vaulted ceilings and archways, Moorish carvings and scrollwork; all the splendors of ancient Spain.

The Aragon covers more than 80,000 square feet, making it what is said to be the largest place of amusement in the city.

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