June 25, 2012

War Memorial at Magnolia and Sunnyside

Photo of a war memorial at the southeast corner of Magnolia and Sunnyside; currently on eBay here:  War Memorial

From the original caption: Some may forget the sacrifices of Chicago's war dead, but not Madora Ashley. Again this year her pet project--a tiny war memorial plot at Sunnyside and Magnolia--reflects the tender care of one who remembers.

The flag pole on the plot has been freshly painted and blooming flowers brighten the area, thanks to Miss Ashley, a beautician of 4441 Magnolia.

In part, the plot's well-tended appearance resulted from help last year by friends and neighbors. At that time, Miss Ashley was in a hospital, ill and worried that the memorial would be neglected.

Readers of the Sun Times Briefs--371 of them--assured her with cards and letters that this would not happen. Neighbors tended the plot until she recovered. Then Miss Ashley again took over as the memorial's loving caretakers.


bill Matteson said...

a war memorial was erected on corners where gold star mothers lived.
I remember one at Leland and Winthrop SW corner. She was a gold star mother and One of my customers on my newspaper route. the memorial stated the Soldiers name when and where he was killed and what branch of service he was in.

Something we need to do again

Joanne said...

That's a great idea, Bill. I hadn't heard of such memorials before.

clarendon park said...

there was another memorial in the triangle at montrose, sheridan and broadway


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