February 29, 2012

Children in Uptown 1980

The street is not identified in this image. Does anyone recognize it, or the children walking down the sidewalk? Currently on ebay, item 280835543126


miss kitty said...

I wanna say the west side of the 4600 block of Malden because of the large pillared building (which I've seen a pic of before) - but not sure. Most of the west side of that block is long gone.

old guy said...

its in the middle of the block on
Hutchinson between Clarendon and Marine Drive

adgorn said...

Yes, N side of Hutchinson. See this view:

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found a photo of kids outside of Senn high school in 1976Chicago. I wonder who they might be, and if you could post the picture, if you dont already have it.


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