September 21, 2011

Vintage Ad Featuring the Edgewater Apartments

The original is currently on ebay, item 140608976844


Tonia said...

Heaven knows how we lived before Balanced Doors!

Joanne said...

Take it from someone who has had to rehang doors...balance is a good thing.

The Ellison Bronze company is still in operation. They proudly proclaim on their website that they developed the balanced door in 1927:

"In 1927, Edward Ellison, an imaginative engineer from Jamestown, New York, and his brother Oliver, a skilled tool designer with a profound understanding of metallurgy, recognized a need for a better door design. With the advent of taller and more tightly compressed buildings, there arose a need for a door that could more easily overcome external wind pressure and internal stack pressure. Combining their unique skills, the brothers invented the balanced door – an ingenius design that not only solved the pressure issues, but amazed users with its minimal opening force requirements, its reduced leaf projection and its complete elimination of lateral stress."


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