July 7, 2011

Stewart School, June 1950

Have you ever wondered what Uptown Chicago History correspondent Bill Matteson looked like back in the day? He is the second from the left in the bottom row. (Click to enlarge.)


Leanne Marks Twidwell said...

I recognize many of the kids in this photo. I guess I was in the class just ahead of yours--graduated in January 1950. I see Phil Kaufman and Danny Goldberg were both in your class. I was particularly good friends with Kayla Stockfish (top row) and Nathalie Hammond (second row). Richard Rosen (top row) lived right around the corner.

I just discovered this site. Loved reading about the "old days" at Stewart and Senn.

bill Matteson said...

Welcome, you were in the class that graduated in January, yes I remember
do you have any photos of the old "hood
contact me at Wgmatteson1@att.net

Anonymous said...

Kayla Stockfish was our cousin. We were pleasantly surprised to find her picture in this site. Kayla was a special person, and we miss her and her sister Judi (did you know Judi?). We speak of Kaylan and Judi often, and we thank you for posting this site.
Linda Fox and Barb Maskal

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