July 10, 2011

912-916 Ainslie, Uptown Chicago

Here's another image sent in by Alan Gornik from the book Directory to Apartments of the Better Class Along the North Side of Chicago, 1917.Click to enlarge view.

The description reads: These medium-sized, high-grade apartments of six rooms, two baths, sun parlor, breakfast room, are excellent values at the rental schedule of $100 to $110 per month. The building is of buff brick construction and has English basement with built-in vacuum cleaning system, vacuum vapor heat, large amusement or club room, and an all-cement back yard.


Anonymous said...

WOW! This is my place!

Anonymous said...


If you send me your e-mail, I'll pass it on to Alan Gornik; it's possible he has a higher-resolution image he can share of your building. My e-mail is editor@compassrose.com



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