June 23, 2011

Lawrence El Station, 1989

L station by Jonie Snake
L station, a photo by Jonie Snake on Flickr.
Thanks to Uptown Update for first locating this photographer on Flickr. Shared via the "Share on Blogger" feature.


Scott said...

That station was a real beaut even back then!

Joanne said...

It was quite nice earlier on. Here's a pic of it from way back: Lawrence Elevated Station

Tonia said...

Lou Rawls' father used to live on the 4600 block of Winthrop when it was segregated, in the 1940s. He used to shine shoes at the Lawrence Station, back in the part of the station that's now just an empty space behind chain link fence. My next door neighbor was a Winthrop resident during that time, and she won't talk about it if asked, but occasionally little gems like that come out during regular conversations.


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